Once Upon Your Wedding is a premiere wedding consulting company that specializes in innovative packages, competitive pricing and services that will fit any lifestyle, budget or culture.

Once Upon Your Wedding allows the wedding planner to be the liaison during the planning process: giving clients access to preferred vendors, allowing them to enjoy the engagement period without the stress of planning and shielding them from the “business side” of their wedding.

Once Upon Your Wedding constantly seeks opportunities to engage and interact with new brides: from bridal shows to our exclusive monthly “Planning Teas”, Once Upon Your Wedding seeks to keep its client list diverse, informed, and ever growing!

Once Upon Your Wedding operates business by the Golden Rule: not “he who has the most gold makes the rules”; but treating clients the way we ourselves would like to be treated. Clients receive the same professional, quality treatment whether they have contracted hourly services or one of the elite full service packages.

In addition, Once Upon Your Wedding strives to provide the utmost customer service and care to clients, but also to other wedding professionals and vendors. Furthermore, Once Upon Your Wedding will never, at any time, suggest a vendor, product, service, etc. for the exact purpose of obtaining more money from the client.

Once Upon Your Wedding also will not receive any “kickbacks” from vendors. Should professional courtesies be given, Once Upon Your Wedding will choose to pass these savings along to their customer– every time.

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