Create a romantic atmosphere with a beautiful garden wedding

On your special day what better way to express your heartfelt emotions than in the surrounds of a magnificent garden. Weddings are the most celebrated event in a relationship’s history so make it memorable by incorporating nature and all the wonders of the environment.

Garden weddings are unique in that they break the traditions of conventional church weddings while retaining the romance and ambience that an indoor wedding creates. Giving you more freedom when it comes to outdoor wedding ceremony decorations such as flower arrangements, design of the ceremony and other personal touches, garden weddings are the best way to celebrate your relationship in a way that truly reflects you.

Utilising all the beauty that Mother Nature provides, garden weddings provide a great backdrop to the celebration being held and the possibilities of the future ahead.

One of the best parts of having a beautiful garden wedding is the beautiful photo’s that you will get of the wedding. A garden is the perfect backdrop for a wedding in my opinion and are the experts at garden wedding photography and videography If you’re looking for someone to capture those special moments.


Why Our Wedding Tasted So Good

The catering that sparked a frenzy amongst our guests

Last month my husband and I were lucky enough to be able to tie the knot in front of all our beloved friends and family in a beautiful ceremony on the outskirts of Melbourne. The day was perfect, sun was shining and champagne flowing as our guests gathered at my grandfather’s estate in Red Hill.

I had been planning this day for months and wanted everything to be perfect – not because I am a ‘Bridezilla’ but because your wedding day only comes around once, so I wanted it to be as memorable for our guests as it would be for us. Everything was organised in regards to the theme, decorations, and setting, now came the food.

Everyone knows a good wedding is characterised by its food. That’s 99% of the reason people RSVP after all; a night of free food and booze! I wanted my wedding catering to exhibit everything my husband and I love in food, while at the same time providing tasty and exciting options for our guests.

I came across Diamond Blue Catering when a colleague of mine raved about them after her daughter’s 21st, so decided to check them out. After doing some research and comparisons, the team I came across at Diamond Blue were by far the most superior, and were 100% flexible to my needs as the size of my wedding fluctuated a bit when my husband’s family in Spain we’re unsure if they could make it.

The menu options they presented us with were first-class, and their food packages covered everything we could want. From gourmet canapés to greet our guests at the reception, to delectable grazing style platters as the evening ran on, round after round of food was greeted with an excited and surprised approval from our guests.

The team at Diamond Blue Catering took the time to ascertain our taste preferences, and moulded a menu to include that as well as some favourites and gourmet surprises. The food was by far one of the highlights, and every guest was impressed with the service they received from the team at Diamond Blue. Most of all my husband and I – we couldn’t have asked for a better event and look forward to the rest of our lives forged on such a successful day!

Wedding Videography by Film My Wedding

Your wedding day is getting closer, and there are still so many decisions that need to be made. It doesn’t matter if you having a chapel wedding with 100 guests or an intimate outdoor wedding with some close family and friends, you will no doubt want something to remember the occasion. Film My Wedding is the number 1 Melbourne wedding videography company. They have been recording all the beautiful moments of weddings for years.

All newly married couples want to remember their wedding day. That’s why Film My Wedding has a range of packages designed to suit any one – Including the budget conscious. You could choose to just have a highlight reel, or take the plunge and get the entire day filmed. It’s all up to you.
Contact Film My Wedding today for your wedding video needs across Melbourne and its suburbs.